Water & Sewer


Emerson Water Department

Personnel of the City of Emerson Water & Sewer Department work hard every day to provide the residents of Emerson with the highest quality water while effectively managing this priceless resource.

The City of Emerson’s primary source of water is from Moss Spring. Moss Spring is located 1.7 miles southwest of Emerson near Old Alabama Road. Water from Emerson’s spring is treated by fluoridation and chlorination at the spring pump house located adjacent to the spring. The spring was developed in 1978 and is currently permitted by the Georgia EPD for withdrawal of .625 million gallons per day, not to exceed an average of .5 million gallons per day (mgd). Emerson owns a smaller spring in the vicinity of Moss Spring. To date, Spring #2 is undeveloped but remains an option for increased water supply to residents of the City of Emerson. Areas outside of the current supply infrastructure of Moss Spring are furnished water through a purchase water system from Bartow County. This is made possible through an inter-governmental agreement between Bartow County and the City of Emerson.

The Emerson Water Department is a proud member of the Metro North Georgia Water Planning District.

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