Little Library

Picture of the Emerson Little Library installed in front of City Hall

A Little Free Library is a “take a book, return a book” free book exchange. It belongs to the community. Anyone may contribute or take books. If you take a book (or two) from a Library, you do not need to return that exact book. However, in order to keep the Little Library full of good choices for the whole neighborhood, the next time you swing by the Library bring a few books to share. Little Library book exchanges function on the honor system; everyone contributes to ensure there are always quality books inside. Please be respectful, though, and don’t cram books in a Library that’s already full.

The Emerson City Hall Little Free Library is made possible by a partnership between three entities: The Bookmobile – Reading to Go Places! who provided the library, HARRIS, a local company who sponsored the cost of the library, and the City of Emerson who agreed to locate the library on municipal property and took care of mounting and erecting the structure. We are all proud to provide this resource for the citizens of Emerson.

The Bookmobile – Reading to Go Places! is a non-profit organization seeking to increase literacy by increasing access to books. The Bookmobile accomplishes this through three main programs: a mobile library, the home library book giveaway program, and Little Free Libraries. It is their goal to get books into the hands and homes of families, to increase instances of shared reading between parents and young children, and to increase instances of reading for pleasure among older children. All of this is designed to ensure that children can read on grade level by the end of the third grade and be ready to succeed academically.

Why Does Book Access Matter?

  • Academically, children growing up in homes without books are on average three years behind children in homes with lots of books, even when controlled for other key factors. (M.D.R Evans et al, Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, June 2010)
  • One of the most successful ways to improve the reading achievement of children is to increase their access to books, especially at home. But 61% of low-income families do not have any age-appropriate books for their kids at home.
  • Little Free Libraries play an essential role by providing 24/7 access to books (and encouraging a love of reading!) in areas where books are scarce.