Solid Waste

The City of Emerson provides solid waste disposal services for all structures located inside the city limits for residential and commercial locations.   This service is required by city ordinance for the protection of public health, safety, environment, and the general welfare of our community.   Each City Residence is provided one standard container which has an imprinted serial number assigned to a specific address.  

Garbage collection takes place weekly on each Monday, citywide.  If a Monday falls on an observed holiday, the collection will occur the following day.  All garbage should be placed in a securely tied, leak proof bag before being put into the container.  The containers may be filled to capacity as long as the lid can be closed.  No other containers may be used and will not be picked up.  All containers should be placed at the curb or driveway by 7:00 am on Monday.  Any garbage that litters on the ground or beside the container shall be the resident's responsibility to clean up.  No medical and infectious waste shall be placed in containers and will not be collected by employees.

Please refer to the posted fee schedule for the current garbage collection rates for a single can, additional requested cans, bulk item removal, senior citizen discount rate, etc.  Each customer is billed for garbage collection on the same bill with their water and/or sewer service.  

Additional information can be found on our website under Codification for our updated Solid Waste Ordinances.  Customers should contact City Hall for any questions, concerns or requests regarding billing, damaged garbage can replacement, ordering additional garbage cans, requesting bulk item removal and guidelines for our complementary green waste removal.